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Just the sound of it ….

For centuries silk has had the reputation as most luxurious and elegant fiber. Silk is a protein fiber produced by the Bombyx mori caterpillar better known as silkworm. The silk worm rotates its body 200,000 times in three days and three nights, spinning itself into a cocoon. The cocoon is one singular strand of silk which can be unraveled; the result is reeled silk, the highest quality. Leftovers or minor quality cocoons are degummed (the sericin is washed out) and made into spun silk.


Tussah silk comes from wild undomesticated silk caterpillars living in the tropical climate of China and India. They feed of leaves from tea bushes that contain tannin (which leaves tea stains in your cups) and produce a lovely warm honey beige coloured silk.


Silk is synonym for precious elegance; it is praised for it lustrous sheen, drape and strength. It is glossy and smooth and also absorbs moisture which makes it cool in the summer and warm in winter. Blended with other natural fibers such as cashmere, baby camel or merino it lends its sheen in return for warmth.

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