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QIVIUT (Muskox underdown)


Qiviut is the Innuit word for the extremely fine underdown of the musk ox. 

Musk oxen can be found in the Canadian Arctic, Alaska and Greenland if only in very limited numbers – hence the high price of this luxurious, rare and unique yarn.


Qiviut is praised as the cashmere of the north; it is sought after for its softness and warmth. It is a silky grey-brown fiber which is said to be eight times warmer than wool by weight and softer and finer than cashmere. It retains warmth even when wet but is breathable during warmer times. Unlike wool it does not felt or shrink in water of any temperature.


On the same token, it lacks elasticity and will not retain its shape as well as wool. A garment knit of qiviut is so wonderfully soft, warm and lightweight that one is barely conscious of wearing it. The fiber is almost free of grease or animal oils and therefore non-irritating and not itchy. It can be worn directly against skin.




Qiviut at a glance:

  • 8x warmer than wool per weight

  • Insulating

  • lightweight

  • breathable

  • wicks moisture away

  • free of animal oils

  • becomes even softer with wear

  • hypo-allergenic

  • doesn't shrink or felt



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