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Angora wool comes from the Angora rabbit.

The fiber is ultra soft, fluffy, lofty, lustrous, light weight and warm – 7-8 times warmer than wool because the angora hair is hollow and this increases its insulating thermal properties. It is said to have the best heat retention of all wools.


Angora knitwear was even prescribed by European doctors to relief pain. 100% Angora yarn is exceptionally comfortable to wear next to the skin, not being at all itchy or scratchy and is usually suitable even for those with the most delicate of skins. It is very durable and does not absorb odour.


Angora at a glance:

  • 6 warmer than wool

  • Extremely soft and lightweight

  • Best heat retention of all wools

  • Does not absorb odor

  • Insulating

  • Not itchy


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