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Bamboo is a natural cellulosic fiber derived from the stems of the Bamboo plant. It is one of the most sustainable resources due to its reduced environmental footprint as the plant grows back at high speed (a foot per day) and no pesticides or herbicides are necessary. As the awareness of the environment has grown so has the increasing popularity of Bamboo.


The fiber is, in its natural unblended state, biodegradable and naturally antibacterial, even offers some ultraviolet protective properties. It is ideal for those who suffer from allergic reactions to synthetic fibers or wool, it can be worn right next to the skin. Bamboo has deodorizing qualities as it kills bacteria on the human skin. On warm days it keeps you nice and cool, absorbing body moisture and wicking it away from the skin.


Bamboo yarn is extremely soft and has wonderful sheen and luster, almost like silk. It is also durable, strong and flexible. Garments knit from bamboo yarn are a high quality alternative comparable to silk and cashmere but without their price tag.

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