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A snowy mountain top

The design and production of a hand knit MountainMasche garment is time consuming. Therefore, every model deserves only the crème de la crème of material: Canadian qiviut and bison; Mongolian cashmere, yak, and mohair; Chinese mink, silk and tussah silk; South American royal and baby alpaca, alpaca and merino wool;  only the most luxurious of yarns as well as more modern plant based yarns such as bamboo are used for our garments.
To be respectful with the environment and to expose the delicate fiber of the yarn to the least possible chemical procedures, the majority of our yarns are used undyed in their natural appearance and colour which makes garments well tolerated even by the most sensitive skin.
Yarn Qualities
Advertisement in the world of fashion is not always as honest as one might expect. Many retailers try to improve sales by selling their products as made of cashmere or silk, when most often garments contain only a small percentage of these precious fibers. A sweater made of only 5% cashmere and 95% synthetic material is not considered "cashmere". In the world of silk, sometimes polyester and acetate are referred to as doupioni silk – the only thing they share is shine. Hand knit garments are the beautiful result of many invested hours – a work of art worth only the best of the best fibers.
MountainMasche guarantees that only pure and 100% natural fibers are used, no blends with man made fibers will ever slide over our hand knitters' needles!*
* The only exception is the blend of some fibers with nylon to give a yarn better strength and durability and to make them machine washable.


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