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This hand knit cardigan is inspired by the Austrian Trachtenstyle - it also looks great with denim or jeans as ideal companion.The stitches include narrow cables and many bobbles in chandelier shape, running along the front, the back and the centre of the sleeves. A crochet ribbon accentuates waist and wrists. I would be pleased to hand knit a cardigan especially for you if you are interested in a different size or colour of embroidery.The cut is very feminine, narrow waist but wider around chest and shoulders and the peplum accentuates feminine hips.

Trachten Cardigan "Morraine Lake" merino - black

  • Material: 100% softest and warm Merino, natural and undyed Size: Small to medium Back length: 59cm / 23.25" Chest width: 48cm / 19" Sleeve length: 59cm / 23.25" Care: Hand wash in luke warm water with special wool detergent, gently squeeze out excess water and then lay flat to dry (no tumble dry). Professional dry clean recommended
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