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The set is combined of an infinity scarf and finger-less mittens.You can wear the scarf wrapped around your neck either once or twice. The 2nd picture shows it wrapped twice. Finger-less mittens are practical when it is cold but you still need a degree of freedom for your fingers.The stitch shows a feminine lace pattern which appears raised, almost 3-dimensional. It is also repeated on the back of the mittens. Both the scarf and the base of the mittens are accentuated by feminine ruffles.

Set "Eden Island" Baby Alpaca-Mulberry Silk

  • Material: 50% softest and warm Baby Alpaca and 50% shiny Mulberry Silk. The yarn has only one ply (this means there is only one "strand" of fibers) which gives any stitch a beautiful 3-dimensional structure. It is incredibly buttery soft! Colour: gold - an elegant and stylish colour. This item is ready for immediate shipment. Please check the last picture for all available colours for custom orders. Measurements: Scarf: Length all around: 115cm (45 1/4") Width including ruffles: 31cm (12.5") Mittens: Width: 9.5cm (3 3/4") Length including ruffle: 24cm (9.5") Care: Carefully hand wash in luke warm water with special wool detergent, squeeze out gently any excess water and lay flat to dry.
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