This hand knit scarf is pure luxury in feather light and highest quality: incredibly warm qiviut!

It features an intricate cable & bobble pattern all along the length, framed by smaller and wider individual cables. It can be made with fringes or without (just advise of your preference at checkout).
The scarf that will keep you warm on your walk through the snow!

The material is extremely soft and lightweight: pure qiviut. The colour is the natural colour of the muskox, no dye chemicals were used. It is a greyish brown or taupe.

It could be the most exclusive and special gift you have ever presented to one of your loved ones.

Scarf "Mayne Island" - Pure Qiviut

  • Material: 100% undyed qiviut (muskox under down). Qiviut is 8 times warmer than wool by weight, feather light and incredibly soft. It wicks moisture away, is breathable and hypo-allergenic. Qiviut does not felt or shrink. It is durable and can be worn for many years to come. NOTE: On the downside, it does not maintain elasticity and due to its fine structure, it has a tendency to pill. Please, carefully cut pills away with sharp scissors. Measurements: Scarf: 22 x 170cm (8.5 x 65"), fringes included Care: Hand wash in luke warm water with special wool detergent, rinse, squeeze out gently any excess water and then lay flat to dry