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This scarf & hat or toque combo is designed for the outdoor men in chunky, thick wool and a rustic feel.
The wool is warm and rather thick, rustic and dense - the perfect companion for all kinds of outdoor activities. A wide cable travels along the centre of the scarf. It is framed by a simple knit & purl strip on both sides which is repeated in the hat/toque.

This yarn, a blend of merino and Peruvian highland wool - is spun from recycled mill fibers that would have otherwise been discarded. This allows the mill to reduce waste and conserve our valuable resources. A very sustainable solution for yarn (Recycled does not mean that the yarn comes from a formerly knit sweater).

Scarf & Hat "Nelson Island latte" - Pure Wool

  • Measurements: Scarf: 165 x 20 cm (64.4 x 7.8") Hat/Toque: Length 22cm (8.6") and width around the head 48cm (18.7") unstretched - the pattern knit/purl is very elastic and fits all sizes.

    Colour: "latte" (light brown/beige)

    Care: Hand wash in lukewarm water and special wool detergent; squeeze excess water out lightly and lay flat to dry (or dry cleaning).

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