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This is a small piece of pure luxury: the three most elegant and sought after yarns in the fashion world - Qiviut, Cashmere and Silk - are blended together into this extravagant yarn, hand painted  and hand knit into a lace infinity scarf with various options to wear.


Wrap it around your neck twice, wear it as a shoulder warmer, to one side, to the other, or just wrap it around once and show the beautiful shades representing warm, deep and rich berry colours.

Qiviut is the Inuit word for the extremely fine underwool or down of the musk ox. They are very rare – hence the rather high price of this luxurious, rare and unique yarn.


Qiviut is praised as being eight times warmer than wool by weight and softer and finer than cashmere. A garment knit of qiviut is so wonderfully soft, warm and lightweight that one is barely conscious of wearing it. This cowl only weighs 58gr (2oz). The fibre is almost free of grease or animal oils and therefore non-irritating and not itchy. It can be worn directly against skin.

Infinity Scarf "Sonora Island" - Qiviut, Cashmere & Silk

  • Material:
    55% Qiviut, 30% Cashmere, 15% Bombay Silk
    Handpainted in a variety of dark rich berry colours from blackberry to a hint of lavender.

    Handwash with special wool detergent in luke warm water and lay flat to dry. Qiviut actually becomes softer and warmer the more you handle and wash it. With proper care it will last a long, long time!

    Length: 104cm (41") all around
    Width: 26cm (10  1/4")

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