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MountainMasche specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind hand knit designer wear and accessories in rare luxurious and precious natural yarns such as qiviut, vicuna, arctic fox, cashmere, yak, angora, baby camel, royal alpaca, merino, silk (tussah, mulberry) and bamboo.


Our garments are designed for urban fashionistas and outdoor enthusiasts alike, and for women and men who appreciate timeless and classic design in the highest quality materials and finish.


MountainMasche is based in beautiful Madeira Park, Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada, where nature provides inspiration. All our garments are named after British Columbian islands, lakes, mountains, plants, etc.


Enjoy your shopping experience and thank you for choosing MountainMasche*.


*Masche is the German word for Knitted Stitch





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