A fashionable winter companion for men who appreciate elegance, who like to own "something special" and who value highest quality in material.

This design shows an intricate cable pattern all along the length of the scarf, very classic and elegant. It is a companion item to the hats "Hernando Island" or "Malcolm Island".

The material is the softest, finest and warmest available: pure underdown of the muskox, called qiviut. The colour is natural as straight from the animal, No chemical dyes were involved.
Qiviut is said to be 8 times warmer than wool by weight and this scarf is very light weight yet there is nothing that will keep you warmer.

It can be a special gift for a special someone as qiviut is very hard to come by and very rare, hence its price.

Scarf "Hernando Island" - Pure Qiviut

  • Material: 
    100% pure fine qiviut (underdown of the muskox), undyed natural colour.
    Qiviut is 8 times warmer than wool by weight, feather light and incredibly soft. It wicks moisture away, is breathable and hypo-allergenic. Qiviut does not felt or shrink. It is durable and can be worn for many years to come.
    NOTE: On the downside, it does not maintain elasticity and due to its fine structure, it has a tendency to pill. Please, carefully cut pills away with sharp scissors.

    19 x 140cm (7.5 x 55")

    Hand wash in luke warm water with special wool detergent, squeeze out excess water and lay flat to dry - or dry clean.
    Qiviut does not shrink or felt but can loose its elasticity over time.