Cashmere in its pure fiber (100%) and a bright and warm colour will make this scarf and hat set stand out during the dark winter days. Pink combines well with grey, blue, black, etc. the preferred colours worn during the cold time of the year.

The scarf shows a cable stitch pattern along its entire length that is repeated in the hat.

Scarf & Hat Set "Flores Island" - pure cashmere

  • Material:
    100% pure cashmere.
    The cashmere came as chainette yarn (worked into a "chain" vs. individual strands of fiber) which enhances the cables and give the appearance more depth. It also retains more air within the strand and makes the garment warmer.

    Wdith: 8" (20cm)
    Length: 68" (170cm)

    Hat: Ladies' Medium

    Hand wash in luke warm water with special wool detergent, rinse, squ\eeze our any excess water and lay flat to dry on towel on a drying rack - dry celaning always recommended.