Oh so soft for oh so cold days!

This set combines a long scarf with unique triangle endings that are finished with soft pompoms, showcasing a cable pattern that weaves itself all along the length of the scarf. The same cables are repeated in the hat and on the wrists and on the outside of the gloves.

This set can accompany you on walks in the cold, skiing, sleigh riding, or maybe you just want to show off a unique one-of-a-kind hand made work of art? It could also be an ideal gift for a loved one expressing how special this person is to you.

The material is incredibly warm and soft due to the qiviut and has a beautiful sheen from the silk. The colour is natural, no aggressive dyes were used. The natural colour of qiviut is a greyish darker brown but the merino and the silk are brightening it to a beautiful natural greyish taupe.

Scarf, Hat & Gloves "Campania Island" Qiviut Blend

  • Material: 34% Qiviut (also called the "Cashmere of the North". It is the soft under down of the muskox) and said to be 8 times warmer than wool by weight. 33% merino 33% silk Natural, undyed colour Measurements: Scarf: width: 7 1/2" (=19cm), length: 73" (=183cm) Hat: height (from base to top of crown without pompon): 9 1/4" (=23.5cm); circumference: 8 3/4" (=44cm) not stretched. The rib is very elastic fitting all head sizes Gloves: Length: 12 1/2" (=31cm), Width around the entire wrist and hand: 6" (=14cm) not stretched. Care: Hand wash in luke warm water with special wool detergent, squeeze out any excess water and lay flat to dry.