Winter - welcome!
With this supersoft and incredibly warm and lightweight hat any snow or winterstorm can come and you will be well protected.

A unique and stylish cable pattern runs around the entire hat, with elastic ribs at the bottom, fitting both for the masculine and feminine style.

What makes this hat a special find is its material: it combines light weight qiviut (underdown of the muskox) and merino. Both materials are known for their thermal qualities, qiviut said to be 8x warmer than wool per weight and merino is a standard use in the fashion world for its moisture wicking qualities.

The merino also gives the qiviut strength. It will retain its shape better.
The blend of these excellent fibers results in this beautiful light greyish-brown (all fibers are used undyed).

This can be a wonderful Christmas gift to a loved one - or a special treat for yourself.

Hat "Forrest Island" - Qiviut-Merino-blend

  • Material:
    80% qiviut
    20& merino, all undyed and in their natural colour. No aggressive dye chemicals involved.

    Width: 18" (46cm) all around the base of the hat. The ribs make it so elastic it fits all sizes.
    Height: 9" (23cm)

    Handwash in luke warm water with special wool detergent, rinse, gently squeeze out any excess water and lay flat to dry.